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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Did you hear about the plastic boat "Plastiki"?

Each day as I drive home from school, I listen to "The World on PRI" ( www.theworld.org ) on my local public radio affiliate (www.wlrn.org). I appreciate hearing about the news of the world, and I always enjoy the geoquiz toward the end of the hour-long program. Each program gives me material and resources to share with my students, and listening always satisfies my desire to know more about our world.

Today's geoquiz focused on an atoll in the Pacific Ocean. The segment included an interview with David de Rothschild. He and the crew of scientists and other adventurers will sail across the Pacific Ocean in a plastic boat, but not just any plastic boat - one that is built from plastic water and soda bottles.

David and the World's host discussed the convergence of plastic waste that floats in the middle of the Pacific. He described the size of the plastic mass - Texas-sized! At that size, Google Earth maps ought to show that easily, if satellite images exist of the middle of the ocean. (If you know, please tell me where to find those images).

If you wish to know more about the expedition of the Plastiki, please check out the web site at

If you are interested in hearing world news, I invite you to check out The World on PRI. Your local public radio station may carry it. Otherwise, go to www.theworld.org .

Along with the daily geoquiz, the program ends with the daily Global Hit. Music lovers will appreciate their choices of artists and genres; there is always something musical to expand your horizons.

By the way, the answer to the geoquiz was ... check out www.theworld.org and find out.

Thanks for sharing in the Live From the Field Expedition with me!

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