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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Readying for the expedition - activities and web searches to help us prepare

Thank you again for sharing this adventure. I look forward to your active participation.

Before we begin the Expedition, you may want to review Forest terminology that will help you understand. Surf to http://www.talkabouttrees.org/terms/terms.html and examine the terms and their explanations. Please answer the following questions.
1. Which forest words are new to you?

2. Which terms do you recognize as being ones you use regularly?

3. Surf to http://www.talkabouttrees.org/acts/p7.html and test your forest term knowledge with an interactive crossword puzzle game!

"What do you know?" Brainstorm time!
Take a few minutes alone or in a small group to create a list of all the products we derive from forests... Use your critical thinking skills to create a list that includes large and small items.

Share your list with the class - how many forest products on your list do NOT appear on any other lists?

When you have shared your lists, surf over to http://www.talkabouttrees.org/list.html and examine their list of forest products. How many of that list are also on your list?

"What can you learn?" Help me practice measuring trees. Please surf to
http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/03/lp309-01.shtml and examine the stps needed to measure height of trees, the size of the canopy, and estimating the number of leaves on the tree.

1. What are the tools and steps needed to measure the height of a tree?

2. What are the tools and steps to measure the tree's canopy?

3. What are the tools and steps needed to estimate the number of leaves on the tree?

4. Measuring these tree characteristics requires math! What calculations are you required to perform to reach the desired measurements? Were you able to complete the calculations without a calculator?

5. Choose a tree on campus to measure...report your findings to the class.

Thanks for helping me prepare the skills needed for this expedition!

Thanks Jordan:
1. Paper
2. Toilet Paper
3. Shampoos
4. Conditioners
5. Wood
6. Berries
7. Mushrooms
8. Snake Venom
9. Maple Syrup
10. Medicines
11. Cardboard
12. Animal Meat
13. Animal Fur

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