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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Live video conference between CCHS and SERC


The video conference was a success from our vantage point at SERC in Maryland. We had several great questions and we greatly appreciated the interest expressed by our students.

Nancy Kahn, research technician, was most helpful in answering the questions regarding the specifics of the research underway at SERC. I am very thankful that she was willing to spend time with our students. We discussed the various research activities with I have had a chance to participate - leaf litter collection, tree mapping, and coarse woody debris measurements.

We have more to accomplish tomorrow, and we hope for some dry weather to climb the photoscience lab tower. I cannot wait to see the view from over 120 feet up...and capture great photo possibilities!

Thanks again to Elena Alvarez at CCHS and Mark Haddon at SERC, and Vince at the Smithsonian Institution and the folks at New York Institute of Technology for their great efforts to make today's event such a success!

Your challenge = who recently has been a great help to you? Have you expressed your gratitude to them? Do so soon!

Thanks Ray S: "My dad has been a great help to me all of my life. He always reviews my essays with me and shows me my grammatical mistakes. He helps me with anything he can. I always show him my gratitude because I really am greatful."

Thanks Christopher B: "Recently, my mother has been a great help to me. She gets many of the household tasks done and assists me with paper editing, buying supplies, and pointing out how to manage my time better."

"I have expressed my gratitude by doing well in school and doing my household chores. Some of these chores include making by bed, taking out the trash, and keeping my room clean. Ever since I was very young, my mother constantly expressed to me, "Do well in school, that is your only job." Although I may have to do basic simple chores, my mother does the rest."

Thanks Jorge: "Mr. Linfors who recently reviewed my college essays and helped me fix them. He also wrote letters of recommendation for me and has been a great help for me. He also attended FIU so I was able to talk to him about how it was to stay here for college and about the college experience at FIU. He is also a great teacher who has helped me improve my writing. I have thanked him for all the help and I am truly grateful for his help."

Thanks Nick B: “I would like to thank the Columbus adviser Mrs. Kraitch. She has given me an opportunity to get caught up with community service, and has guided me in the proper direction on my college decisions. She helped me write my resume, which lead to me being accepted last week to FSU. I am very grateful for her help.”

Thanks JC V: “My mom is a great help to me, she is always giving me advice about my problems, and helping me with my homework, she is definitely a big factor in my life and she is the reason why I’m the person I am today. After I finished reading the challenge I went over to the kitchen and thanked her for all that she's helped me with over the years.”

Thanks Reice R: “"I would like to thank my step dad Clinton Weekes. He has helped me with almost everything during the past few weeks, from my college essays, to my video project. He is a person that I know will always be there to assist me and has something new to bring to the table. I can count on him to be completely honest with me to tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear.”
”I would also like to thank Dr. Dugard. This semester he has not only taught me about religion but life as well. From day one Doc has showed me that the world is not a place to be scared of but one that we should take in with open arms and embrace. He opened my eyes to a place of faith and opportunity that I will hold with me forever.”

Thanks Kevin R: “The person who recently helped me and has been helping me since my early childhood is my karate sensei. He has showed me what is right and wrong and guided me through many tough obstacles I had. He taught me how to defend myself and how to live the martial way. Ever since I was old enough to realize all the effort he put into me I have been expressing my gratitude towards him by being loyal and helping him teach the younger ones.”

Thanks Roberto F: “Someone who has been a great help to me would be my dad, because he's always checking on my grades and he always tries to help me with my math homework. I have expressed my gratitude by helping him out with chores any way I can. I also tell him "thanks" pretty frequently.”

Thanks Juan B: “As of late one person has had a massive impact in my life. He has stood by me in trying times with other friends and family, school work, and poor health. His friendship as of late has meant the world to me yet he has always been there thus this is in no way a new relationship. Joey Villena will always have my back, whether I'm being an idiot or just going through a rough patch in life. For this I am eternally grateful.”

Thanks Albert F: “Someone who has been a tremendous help to me recently and throughout my life has been my mom. My mom has always been there to help me with anything in my life. An example of her being a HUGE help was when I needed to set up my science fair board. She spent over two hours helping me cut out and paste all of my information onto my board. Without her help, I probably would have ended up finishing at around 2 in the morning instead of finishing when I did (which was at around 11:30 pm).””The way I try to show my gratitude for all she's done for me is to help her around the house by cleaning my room, doing the dishes, and taking out the trash. I love my mom so much, and I'm grateful for everything she's done for me. I'm so lucky to have a mom like her.”

Thanks Anthony C: “Recently, my grandfather has been a great help to me. He picks me up from school, takes care of me at his house, and purchases things that I need. Sometimes instead of bringing me to his house after school, he takes me to my house. He also assists my family in paying for vacation.”
“To express my gratitude, not only do I tell him, "Thank you," but help him around the house and go with him to buy needed supplies. When I can, I spend a lot of time with him, and this includes going to church with him. He tells me to keep up my grades, and I do so in a way to thank him. I enjoy showing my appreciation to him, just as he enjoys helping me.”

Thanks Austin D: “My Dad has been a great help to me recently, but not only recently he has also been a great help to me my whole life. He is always there for me no matter what and helps me through my everyday struggles. His biggest help is always being there to talk to. Lately every time I have had a problem I have been able to go to his and he has helped me. Every day I am extremely grateful to have him in my life. I show my gratitude to my father every day and at every moment that I possibly can. Whether it be by saying something as “Thank You”, or it be something more complex like going out of my way to watch my siblings so my father can have extra time to sleep. I try to do every little thing possible to make his life a little bit less stressful. I am truly grateful for him, without him I would not be where I am today. So I have to be grateful because most everything that I have been able to achieve in life is thanks to him.”

Thanks Nick H: “My mother has been both a recent and an all-time help to me and a constant influence in my life. My mom helps me with everything from checking to make sure there are no grammatical errors in my papers to taking me places and showing me how to solve problems that sometimes seem to hard to solve on my own. My mom is very helpful to me and she tries to assist me whenever she can, and she is always honest when she can't. I love my mom very much and am very grateful that I'm blessed to have her as my mother.”

Thanks Adriem O: “My Mom has been great help to me. She supports me through the late nights I stay up doing homework. She always leads me on the right path and she makes sacrifices for me all the time. I definitely have expressed my gratitude to her by helping her out around the house and showing her the results of her hard work through my academic achievements.”


At December 11, 2009 at 8:10 PM , Blogger Quentin said...

My Mom has been great help to me. She supports me through the late nights I stay up doing homework. She always leads me on the right path and she makes sacrifices for me all the time. I definently have expressed my gratitude to her by helping her out around the house and showing her the results of her hard work through my academic achievements.


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