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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting my hands on leaf litter


Hello! We just returned from a morning of leaf litter collection. The red collection buckets we emptied are placed in the logged (managed) forest test areas. We gathered the leaves that had accumulated over the course of one month. The scientists are interested to see what trees and other plants are succeeding in the logged portions of the SERC property. We found lots of sprouting trees - sweet gum, tulip poplar, and lots of nettle-y vines! Ouch...

We are taking a lunch break, and I wanted to post the video of me collecting the accumulated the leaf litter. Trudging over the left-over tree debris through the thorny vines was a chore...Kept thinking "where's my machete?"...but we had a brilliantly clear and sunny morning to work.

Take care, and how are you managing all the challenges? I will post a few "what type of tree produced this leaf" questions and images later.


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