Hi! My name is Ms. McCullagh. I will continue to post nature related photos and videos on this great outlet - thank you, Earthwatch! I traveled with Earthwatch to Maryland to study Climate Change and Fragmented Forests at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last Day Sunrise on Fox Point at SERC


It was another chilly day along the Rhode River as the sunrise took on several hues, grays giving way to bright golden. The geese called in the distance, the ducks ran across the still river, and I could hear hoof-falls of deer in the forest behind me. The final day at SERC was dawning and the many extraordinary experiences of the expedition remained at the forefront of my mind - forest trees, leaves, sunrises, the wildlife, the good friends met and made.

I highly recommend that all of my educator friends apply for a Live From the Field Expedition. The experience will make you a better teacher and give you opportunities to deepen your own appreciation and joy of nature.


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